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Silver Bobbinet

Bobbinet is a uniquely constructed fabric where the weft yarns are twisted diagonally around the warp to form an exceptionally stable and clearly defined hexagonal mesh. The feature is fully exploited by using pure silver coated yarn.

Radar Reflectance

This lightweight fabric provides superb radar reflective properties. Tested by Qinetic between 8.2GHz and 12 GHz our standard fabric achieved an average 90% power reflection.

The high level of reflectivity combined with low weight and flexibility results in an ideal solution to many radar applications including military decoys, weather balloon identification panels and tow targets.

Electronic shielding

Qinetic also tested the fabric for power and signal reduction for shielding purposes, giving results of over 99% on 3G phone signals and 95% on 4G. Many people suffer poor sleep patterns and are concerned about the possible effects of microwaves. We produce a range of domestic shielding products including sleeping enclosures and headnets.  

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