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Film & Theatre

Bobbinet is used extensively in overheads, butterflies and for creating visual effects on both the stage and film set.

Its hexagonal structure, wide widths, transparency, and tear resistance offer unique attributes to both the set designer and film maker.

Bobbinet “scenic gauze” is widely used for giving painted backdrops increased depth of field and more realism. Different lighting positions and differing colours give a range of effects and options.


In film making, the unique structure of bobbinet is ideal when used as screens or butterflies during film making where the control of light is crucial.  It is also known as “cinenet” It evenly reduces the intensity of harsh sun or artificial light.

Black cinenet absorbs 90% of light with no reflection and without effecting on the “colour temperature”. White cinenet absorbs approximately 30% of light and reflects 70%. It reduces the light intensity and softens the light.

The bobbinet cinenet is used to fine tune light intensity reduction to achieve subtle and creative lighting effects. The unique hexagonal structure of bobbinet breaks up light more evenly than other scrims due to the hole shape and as such is the preferred choice of cinematographers. The fine tuning can be achieved by using single, double or triple layers of fabric to give great F-stop reduction.

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