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About Swisstulle and Bobbinet

The Perry Street Factory is called Swisstulle UK. In this factory, the legendary, genuine bobbinet tulles are produced. The Swisstulle Group sells a large variety of bobbinet products for a wide range of applications throughout the world.

Swisstulle bobbinet tulles serve as wig bases, material for haute couture, high-quality designer fashion wear. The broad bobbinets (up to 17 metres) are often used for theatre stage design. Now, and in the future, bobbinet tulles are increasingly used for high-tech, because when silver yarns are used, they display ideal conducting characteristics.


The almost 200-year-old factory is continually kept up-to-date and particular attention is paid to preserving its original character.


You would almost think that time had stood still. 60 well-skilled and motivated textile workers produce the highly soughtafter products on 40 bobbinet machines. The fabrics produced in Chard go to the Swisstulle headquarters in Switzerland where the bobbinet tulles are dyed, finished and made ready for sale. Today, Swisstulle is the largest manufacturer of bobbinet tulle in the world. It works daily to produce the best and the most beautiful bobbinet tulles in the world.

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